Advanced Feature Module (AFM)

ControlTower Member Brings Monitoring Visibility, Scalability to Carrier Deployments

The Ixia NTO family of Advanced Feature Modules (AFM) helps network engineers to improve monitoring tool performance by optimizing the monitored network traffic to include only the essential information needed for analysis.

Network monitoring is critical to network visibility in enterprise data centers and the IP-based segments of telecommunication service provider networks. The importance of monitoring is reflected in the large investments large enterprises and service providers make in monitoring tools and the staff to manage them. However, demand for higher data rates outpaces gains in monitoring tool performance. With networks growing in speed and little budget to upgrade tools, network engineers need ways to get better performance from their existing monitoring tools.

The AFM family of cards uniquely provide improved security, allow rapid scalability, future-proofs existing tools, and eases management of monitoring networks by providing unprecedented levels of control over monitored traffic.

Packet De-Duplication - A normally configured SPAN port can generate multiple copies of the same packet, dramatically reducing the effectiveness of monitoring tools. The AFM eliminates redundant packets, at full line rate, before they reach your monitoring tools.

Extended Burst Protection – Deep buffering allows monitoring tools to see every packet, even when aggregate bandwidth temporarily exceeds port capacity.

Packet Trimming - Some monitoring tools only need to analyze packet headers. In other monitoring applications, meeting regulatory compliance requires tools remove sensitive data from captured network traffic. The AFM can remove payload data from the monitored network traffic, which boosts tool performance and keeps sensitive user data secure.

Protocol Stripping - Many network monitoring tools have limitations when handling some types of Ethernet protocols. The AFM enables monitoring tools to monitor required data by removing GTP, MPLS, VxLAN, VNTag, and FabricPath headers from the packet stream

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Advanced Feature Modules (AFM)

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