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Complete Visibility of Your Network

Ixia ControlTower™is an advanced network visibility resource for centralized, intelligent monitoring. ControlTower helps enterprises and service providers achieve end-to-end visibility within their physical, virtual, and SDN networks. A distributed architecture provides IT with access to monitoring and diagnostic tools from any point within the network.

This solution solves some of the biggest challenges facing network administrators: smooth and rapid scaling, flexible deployment, and the need to monitor the network end-to-end. Now you have a proven solution for implementing multiple segments and centralized, intelligent monitoring. Ixia ControlTower™ architecture delivers major advantages:

Top-of-Rack Solution

Cloud-hosting centers with their extreme need for flexibility and scalability call for top-of-rack or end-of-row deployment in a scalable, flexible data center environment. Like its airport namesake, Ixia ControlTower offers a total view from far above the traffic, enabling complete visibility of your network. Place a member at the top of each rack or end of each row, collect relevant traffic, and bring it back to the monitoring tool farm for inspection.

Campus Reach

In enterprise campus environments, IT needs to extend visibility into various buildings; as opposed to a perimeter-enclosed central data center or internet access point. Advanced Persistent Threats may lurk deep within the network and in any building, accessing corporate information such as product designs or pricing data. Ixia's ControlTower is the ideal cost-effective architecture to enable network-wide visibility. Its tool-farm approach maximizes monitored segments while minimizing the number of interconnect trunk links.

OpenFlow Networks

Ixia’s ControlTower and OpenFlow work together to bring unprecedented scalability to your Visibility Architecture by combining the flexibility and scalability of OpenFlow with the power and advanced capabilities of ControlTower. Working in conjunction with Ixia’s Open API and OpenFlow, ControlTower delivers massive scalability and flexibility to maximize visibility using either existing or dedicated switch resources.

Ease of Management

Ixia’s ControlTower architecture supports a centralized data center high-port-density solution, stacking multiple members in a single location and treating the stack as a single, large chassis. This flexible approach offers the port density and ease of management of a single-chassis solution; additionally, there is no change in administrative overhead if some of the visibility ports must be deployed in a remote equipment rack or building.
This carrier-grade solution for service providers features redundant power supplies, hitless changes to the filter criteria, a hardened chassis with NEBS certification, and OpenFlow integration.

ControlTower Member NTO 5263

NEBS Level 3-compliant 40GE/10GE/1GE network monitoring switch

  • Reduces the number of interconnect trunk links to an absolute minimum
  • Monitors multiple segments across the enterprise network
  • Deploys a centralized "farm" of cost effective, high-capacity security toolsto monitor physically distributed locations
  • Scales monitored segments and tools without increasing management overhead

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