ControlTower Member NTO 5263

ControlTower Member Brings Monitoring Visibility, Scalability to Carrier Deployments

Ixia's ControlTower™ architecture solves some of the biggest challenges facing network administrators, namely the need for visibility, rapid scalability, flexible deployments, and network-wide application and security monitoring. The products included within the ControlTower architecture are the ControlTower Supervisor (NTO 5260) and ControlTower Members (NTO 5263 and/or NTO 5268) with functions centrally managed by the Supervisor.

The Ixia ControlTower Member NTO 5263 is a high-density, NEBS Level 3-compliant 40GE/10GE/1GE network monitoring switch designed for large, complex central offices and data centers. It helps monitor the rapidly growing number of 1GE, 10GE, and 40GE network segments using existing monitoring tools. The NTO’s ControlTower Supervisor keeps the management of multiple NTO’s simple. NTO 5263 is supported by the NVOS 4.1 and later software.

New features such as the NEBS Level 3 certification, RESTful API, and IPv6 (supported by NVOS 4.1 and later versions) make ControlTower the ideal solution for service providers. These features deliver a robust feature set for current needs, while preparing SPs for future needs such as extended addressing and central office automation initiatives.

Ixia’s ControlTower Member NTO 5263 has the following key features:
  • Ability to perform advanced, granular filtering capability including: Packet De-Duplication, Packet Trimming, MPLS Stripping, GTP Stripping, and Extended Burst Protection
  • NEBS Level 3 certification with redundant power supplies
  • External alarm connections available for integration to central office alarms
  • IPv6 provides extended IP addressing support
  • Optional Advanced Packet Processing available for packet de-duplication, extended burst protection, MPLS stripping, and packet / payload trimming (AFM16)
  • Ixia’s unique Double-Your-Ports feature allows connection of two devices per port on AFM Ports

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