ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260

SPs and Large Enterprises Can Manage Complex, Distributed Environments Easily from a Single User Interface

Ixia's ControlTowerâ„¢ architecture solves major challenges facing network administrators, such as visibility, the need for rapid scaling, flexible deployments, and network-wide application and security monitoring. Based on the innovative ControlTower architecture, the ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260 and ControlTower Member NTO 5268 (with all functions centrally managed by the Supervisor) are a significant management advance.

Now, the ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260 reveals the entire architecture on a single pane of glass. This centralized management solution features the most intuitive and easiest-to-use drag-and-drop interface in the industry. This interface enables complete configuration of the system with no special training or preparation. Software updates and licensing can be performed quickly and efficiently across all ControlTower cluster devices.

Important performance and efficiency features, such as a RESTful API and IPv6 (supported with NVOS 4.1 and later versions), make ControlTower the perfect solution for service providers and large enterprises. The ControlTower Supervisor works in 40GE/10GE networks and is designed for robust, complex data centers and central offices.

Provides end-to-end view across the ControlTower Network Visibility Architecture

  • Provides end-to-end view across the ControlTower Network Visibility Architecture
  • Supports 40Gb and 10Gb trunk links
  • Scalable, modular configuration
  • Non-blocking switch architecture: share traffic anywhere within a ControlTower cluster from any network access point to any monitoring tool at full line rate
  • High availability with redundant management ports, power supplies, and hot-swappable fan modules
  • Green solution: 2U form factor, front-to-back airflow, and low power footprint
  • Provides a consolidated, single view and managerial access point for all of your NTO monitoring switches
  • RESTful webAPI allows the NTO to be incorporated as part of your central office/ data center automation initiatives like consolidated management, centralized provisioning and service orchestration
  • External alarm connections available for integration to your central office alarms
  • IPv6 provides extended IP addressing support

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