ControlTower Member NTO 5268

High-Density Switching Designed for Large, Complex Data Centers

Ixia’s ControlTower™ architecture addresses major, ever-increasing pressures on network administrators, including the need for rapid scalability, flexible deployments, and network-wide application and security monitoring.

Products based on the new ControlTower architecture are ControlTower Supervisor (NTO 5260) and ControlTower Member (NTO 5268)—a high-density 1GE/10GE/40GE network monitoring switch designed for large and complex data centers. It helps you monitor your rapidly growing number of 1GE, 10GE, and 40GE network segments with existing monitoring tools, while keeping the management of multiple NTO’s simple via the ControlTower Supervisor

With the ControlTower Member NTO 5268, your data centers can be equipped with technology positioned to keep up with growing data and traffic on the network.

The Ixia ControlTower Member NTO 5268 is designed for large and complex data centers. It helps monitor more efficiently using existing monitoring tools. This switch enables data centers to keep up with growing data and traffic on the network. New features such as a RESTful API and IPv6 (supported with NVOS 4.1 and later versions) make ControlTower the perfect solution for service providers. These features provide a robust feature set for the current needs of enterprises while also preparing enterprises for future needs like extended addressing and data center automation initiatives

  • Protects investments in deployed monitoring tools
  • Monitors virtual and private cloud infrastructures at full line rate
  • Scalable, modular configuration
  • Non-blocking switch architecture – share traffic anywhere within a ControlTower cluster from any network access point to any monitoring tool at full line rate
  • High availability with redundant management ports, power supplies, and hot-swappable fan modules
  • Green solution – 2U form factor, front-to-back airflow, and low power footprint
  • Optional Advanced Packet Processing available for packet de-duplication, extended burst protection, MPLS stripping, and packet / payload trimming (AFM16)
  • High density switching for Top Of Rack and End of Row data center deployments or distributed campus environments
  • Performs advanced, granular filtering along with Packet De-Duplication, Packet Trimming, MPLS Stripping, GTP Stripping and Extended Burst Protection
  • RESTful webAPI allows the NTO to be incorporated as part of your data center automation initiatives like consolidated management, centralized provisioning and service orchestration
  • IPv6 provides extended IP addressing support
  • IPv6 provides extended IP addressing support

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