The Icomera X-Series is a ground-breaking platform for connected vehicle solutions and ideal for a wide range of transport applications.

Icomera’s in-vehicle cellular routers utilise patented software for combining multiple networks to provide the fastest, most reliable connection available for rail passengers and systems.

Once connected, Icomera provides an open platform for innovation by seamlessly combining the technologies of our application partners into a single managed solution. For our customers this means never being locked in to a specific technology or bound by a single communication supplier’s pricing. As we move towards a future “Railway-of-Things” for the rail industry it means accelerating the delivery of cost-effective connected applications based on real-time data streams.

The Icomera X6 comes with four LTE modems and Wi-Fi capability plus an additional modem or Wi-Fi slot for future expansion. Each modem slot has two SIM card slots and supports geo-fencing SIM card selection allowing operators to reduce costs in cross-border scenarios.

The Icomera X6 is IP65 rated, making it ideal for any dirty or humid environment.

The Icomera X6 router runs the Icomera Mobility Platform system software which includes support for wireless link aggregation, captive portals with individual user QoS management, application hosting and many more features.

The Icomera X6 is designed for all rail applications and includes support for passenger services. The memory and processing power available on the Icomera X6 allows many large applications to be hosted and run on the system at the same time.

There are a number of applications available for Icomera X Series routers, such as coverage measurement, infotainment, eco-driving and CCTV.

Contact Icomera for more information or to learn how the Icomera X Series platform could drive applications that you have developed.