Automated Network Validation Library

Ixia's IxANVL (Automated Network Validation Library) is the industry standard for automated network/protocol validation. Developers and manufacturers of networking equipment and Internet devices rely on IxANVL to validate protocol compliance and interoperability. Many customers have chosen IxANVL for its ease-of-use, enhanced GUI, and flexible test automation capabilities. In addition, IxANVL offers a veritable universe of protocol libraries and utilities.

Though IxANVL is able to run on minimal hardware such as a PC with a Linux or Windows operating system and an Ethernet card, it is also well suited for operation on Ixia's powerful test and analysis platform via a VNIC (Virtual Network Interface Card) driver. This flexibility enables IxANVL to support all industry-standard test interfaces including 10/100/1G/10G Ethernet, ATM, serial, async, T1/E1, and POS. IxANVL provides conformance, negative, and regression testing on a vast selection of protocols including bridging, routing, PPP, TCP/IP, L4-7, IPv6, IP storage, IPsec, RMON, VPN, MPLS, voice over IP, Carrier Ethernet, and multicast.

Saves Time and Money

IxANVL allows vendors to verify device design during the product’s entire life cycle. Problems can be identified earlier so as to prevent costly last-minute reworks. IxANVL emulates large, multi-node networks that previously were cost prohibitive –- resulting in more efficient tests and quicker product release times.

Increases Confidence

IxANVL increases confidence in product quality by eAnabling extensive and thorough testing, performed automatically and without supervision. IxANVL's test results allow users to:

  • Determine exactly where a device's protocol software does and does not meet the specification
  • Observe how well the device hAQandles traffic from non-complying network components
  • Determine how new development effects existing code, via regression testing

Expands Easily

With a source code license, users can easily add new interface types, protocols, and/or test cases to their IxANVL system.

Supports More Protocols

IxANVL supports a comprehensive list of protocols, including unicast/multicast routing, bridging, IPv6, VPN, MPLS, PPP, TCP/IP, RMON, voice over IP, Carrier Ethernet, Automotive Ethernet, and IP.

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