• IXLoad Attack


IP Security Testing for Networks and Devices

Recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, in conjunction with other malicious exploits launched against enterprise, government, and service provider networks, have caused major security breaches and resulted in substantial damage. To protect against the increasing type, number, and virulence of security threats, equipment manufacturers must constantly ensure that their devices provide the level of protection and performance needed by enterprises and service providers. In addition, the growing prevalence of cloud services creates multiple internal/external boundaries that you must protect. Only with continuous vulnerability testing can you be certain that your security mechanisms are keeping pace with the threat environment while ensuring network performance.

Don’t Take the Bad with the Good: Validate Network Security

Ixia’s IxLoad®-Attack measures the performance of network security appliances, validating that they effectively and accurately block attacks while delivering high end-user quality of experience (QoE) for mission-critical applications. Security perimeter devices such as firewall intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS); anti-virus, anti-spam, and URL filters; and VPN gateways need constant update and configuration to provide up-to-date protection. IxLoad-Attack delivers the security testing depth and scale needed to perform both device validation and continuous protection of cloud infrastructures, as well as enterprise, government, and service provider networks.

IxLoad-Attack is the only product that provides malicious traffic over both encrypted and non-encrypted links. It runs in parallel with all other IxLoad functions that enable customized, real-world network traffic that acts as the "good" reference traffic that security devices must forward without affecting QoE, even while under attack.

xLoad-Attack includes a library of known vulnerabilities, including those in the CVE index. Vulnerability libraries are constantly updated for those customers under maintenance.

Authentication and encryption are used for all types of broadband and local connections. Ixia's IxNetwork® and IxLoad test applications include facilities for authenticating sessions using EAP, PPP and NAC. IxLoad multiplay traffic may be applied through IPsec, SSL/TLS, and PPP encapsulations. IxANVL's IPsec and 802.1x conformance suites ensure proper protocol implementation.


IP Security Testing for Networks and Devices

IxLoad-Attack Features

  • Published Vulnerabilities and Malware
  • Highest coverage of Microsoft vulnerabilities
  • Subscription service with online and offline malware and vulnerabilities updates
  • Measures security effectiveness
  • Emulates attacks over IPv4 and IPsec
  • Comprehensive attack metadata
  • Multiple attack evasions
  • Packet capture using IxLoad’s embedded Analyzer
  • Attacker/server-initiated attacks
  • Target/client initiated attacks (client based attacks)


IP Security Testing for Networks and Devices

Multiplay Voice, Video, Data and Wireless Protocol Support

  • Internet: HTTP, P2P, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS, and CIFS
  • Video: IGMP, RTSP, Adobe Flash Player™, Microsoft Silverlight™, Apple HLS, MPEG2, and H.264/AVC
  • Voice: SIP, MGCP, H.323, H.248, Cisco Skinny™, FAX over IP, video conferencing and PSTN
  • Wireless: 3GPP packet core protocols used by GGSNs, generic tunneling protocol (GTP)