IxLoad: Wireless

Validating Service Provider Networks—At Scale

The IxLoad test suite delivers full-featured application testing of wireless networks and components. IxLoad emulates real-world subscriber traffic— voice, video, data—simultaneously emulating multiple mobile subscriber activities such as handovers, TAU, and idle-connected transitions.

Delivering end-to-end test coverage from LTE base stations in radio access networks (RANs) to scalability, signaling, policy, and charging solutions in the core, IxLoad provides a comprehensive solution for fast-tracking new networks and services with proven quality. Able to recreate complex networking environments and real-world traffic scenarios, the solution allows users to perform complex subscriber modeling at scale.

Solutions and wireless test applications include:

  • LTE RAN and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) deployments
  • Heterogeneous access networks (HetNets)
  • Policy and charging infrastructures based on Diameter signaling
  • EPC-routed Wi-Fi offload solutions
  • All-packet, IP-multimedia subsystem (IMS) infrastructures
  • Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and other rich-media services
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in service provider networks

IxLoad emulates everything from UEs and eNodeBs to Internet services, overloading systems and devices under test to simulate high capacity and rate of operation over time. Used both to isolate and evaluate individual devices and to assess entire services end-to-end, IxLoad validates:

  • Resiliency
  • Scalability
  • Signaling performance using GTP, SIP, and Diameter protocols
  • Policy management
  • Mobility
  • Monetization of services
  • Quality of service (QoS) and the end-user experience (QoE)
  • Virtualization performance
  • Security

Network operators and infrastructure providers worldwide leverage IxLoad throughout the life-cycle of critical network initiatives. IxLoad provides “lab-to-live” testing used to validate decisions during device selection, network planning and provisioning, new-product launches, problem resolution, and network evolution or migration into the future.

IxLoad: Wireless

Validating Service Provider Networks—At Scale

World-leading L1-7 802.11ac testing:

LTE Access:

The industry’s most powerful and comprehensive test solution, IxLoad Wireless measures all aspects of eNodeB base station capacity and performance including:

  • Test architecture scales to hundreds of simulated UEs (smartphones and tablets)
  • Flexibility to perform application layer testing
  • Support complex LTE handover scenarios
  • Service quality validation uses mobile subscriber modeling and advanced QoE measurements
  • Verifies radio link reliability between mobile subscribers and the network
  • Maximizes total cell/sector throughput and number of subscribers within a cell/sector
  • Tests control (signaling) plane performance of eNodeB

​LTE Core:

IxLoad Wireless supports the 3GPP GTP-c V2, NBAP, and NAS (Release 9 and Release 10) protocols as well as the GTP-u protocol, enabling testing of the wireless evolved packet core (EPC):

  • Emulation of key components –such as mobility management entities (MMEs) and eNodeBs —on S11 and S1-U interfaces, SGSNs and RNCs on the S4/S12 interfaces, and eNodeB on the S1-MME and S1-U interfaces
  • Simulated behavior of hundreds of thousands of subscribers utilizing assorted services: Web-surfing, downloading files using FTP, checking and sending e-mail, exchanging data with peer-to-peer applications, watching video on demand
  • All Layer 7 protocol emulations are fully stateful implementations that can interact with real servers and peers
  • Complete state-machine implementations increase options for configuration and flexibility without requiring users to build complex, error-prone message exchange sequences while constructing test cases. The intuitive GUI simplifies test construction by removing the requirement for building or modifying the GTP-c or S1-MME signaling procedures.
  • Supports handover mechanism in which a mobility path from one eNodeB to another is defined as a list, along with a variable handover interval (IxLoad performs the handovers transparently)


  • Comprehensive protocols support: SIP, RTP, AMR-WB, H.264, for both voice and conversational video
  • Complete control over the SIP state machine and SIP methods: user can modify the default behavior for a variety of test cases
  • Support for both GSMA IR.92 and IR.94 VoLTE and conversational video standards
  • Supports MOS scoring of each individual conversation, for both voice and video
  • Supports three major VoLTE test configurations:
  • End-to-end system test
  • Isolation of the evolved packet core (EPC)
  • Isolation of the combined EPC and IMS core


  • Complete solution allows simulation and testing of Diameter clients, servers, and Diameter Routing Agents (DRA)
  • SmartAVP™ enables users to add, remove, or configure mandatory and custom AVPs, and to define proprietary signaling or alter AVPs for negative testing
  • Support for multiple 3GPP releases (Rel9, Rel10)
  • SmartEvents™ enables users to configure subscribers’ state machine
  • Support for transaction rate test objective
  • Support for both TCP and SCTP as transport layer
  • Support for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Multiple node support (multi-ranges)

Wi-Fi Offload:

  • Supports testing the Wi-Fi offload network – Trusted WLAN Access Network (TWAN) and Gateway (TWAG) —with PMIP or GTP (SaMOG) based S2a interface
  • Simulates Wi-Fi access points with attached subscribers, as well as core network elements (PGWs) in order to isolate the TWAN or TWAG
  • Support for EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA authentication methods
  • Support for DHCP IP address allocation for the UEs
  • Support for the CAPWAP protocol for AP simulation

Real-world Subscriber Modeling:

  • UE high capacity, rate, and multiple UE groups each with UE-specific properties and behaviors
  • Mobile application modeling with voice (VoLTE), video, and data traffic, including QoE (MOS, PESQ) and QoS measurements
  • Complex signaling operations, including Attach, Detach, Handover, TAU, and Idle Mode operation
  • All LTE Inter and Intra-eNodeB HO (X2 and S1 based) supported across all connected sectors
  • Channel modeling allowing UE cell center/edge simulation with LTE DL Fast Fading emulations including Pedestrian, Vehicle, Urban, and High-speed Train
  • Dual stack, Multi-APN connections for UEs

Extensive Technology and Protocol Support:

  • Wireless: 3GPP packet core protocols and interfaces including S1-MME, S4/S12, S11, S1-U, Gn and S5/S8, S2a (PMIP and GTP based) in addition to all the Diameter interface applications
  • Internet: HTTP, P2P, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DNS
  • Video: IGMP, RTSP, Adobe Flash Player™, Microsoft Silverlight™, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, MPEG2, and H.264/AVC
  • Voice: SIP, MGCP, H.323, H.248, Cisco Skinny™, FAX over IP, and video conferencing
  • Security: Published vulnerabilities, malware, and high-performance DDoS

IxLoad: Wireless

Validating Service Provider Networks—At Scale

Supported Layer 7 Protocols