Assess real-world Wi-Fi performance—at scale

IxVeriWave solutions provide world-leading Wi-Fi performance testing during product and network design, development, and deployment. From the lab to live networks, IxVeriWave delivers all critical components of wireless LAN (WLAN) test:

  • WLAN access point (AP) and controller testing
  • Wi-Fi device testing
  • Site readiness / field assessments
  • Carrier offload / HetNet testing

Simulating complex networking environments, IxVeriWave enables efficient custom testing virtually impossible to execute by any other means. Wi-Fi test systems and Ixia professional assessments provide actionable insight into real-world performance. Benefits include:

  • Faster time to market: reduces development, test, QA cycles
  • Expanded test coverage with reduced cost and complexity: combines traffic generation, client / AP emulation, interference generation, roaming simulation, in-depth performance analysis
  • Comprehensive assessments: capacity, roaming, interoperability, scalability, Quality of Experience (QoE
  • Proactive problem resolution: rapidly identifies and isolates issues
  • Superior performance: optimizes product, network, service, and application design

Ixia Wi-Fi test solutions deliver unrivaled advantages throughout the product and network lifecycle:

  • Comprehensive RF, protocol, and stress testing capabilities improve performance and introduce efficiencies throughout the product lifecycle
  • Breakthrough 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11ac solution fast-tracks next-generation offerings
  • Client-centric model measures QoE from the customer point of view
  • Large-scale assessments determine true network capacity and model “what if” scenarios
  • Automation enables repeatability while speeding test cycles and reducing cost
  • Detailed performance metrics maximize performance of voice, video, unified communications (UC), Web, and industry-specific applications (healthcare, finance, retail)

Ixia delivers world-leading IxVeriWave Wi-Fi test solutions to:

  • WLAN infrastructure and Wi-Fi chipset manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Enterprise IT departments

IxVeriWave solutions include:


Assess real-world Wi-Fi performance—at scale

World-leading L1-7 802.11ac testing:

  • Validates RF capabilities, conformance, functionality, performance
  • Used by Wi-Fi chipset, access point (AP), wireless LAN (WLAN) controller manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises worldwide
  • Test cycles and cost of test reduced by integrated RF and performance testing

​Large-scale testing of wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructures:

  • Generates thousands of clients and traffic flows used in stress and performance testing
  • Highly realistic client and application traffic generation enables testing of BYOD, DPI, and policy engines at scale
  • Client-centric model measures QoE from the user point of view
  • True network capacity assessed versus merely mapping RF coverage

​Comprehensive testing of Wi-Fi-enabled devices:

  • Range / roaming
  • Interoperability
  • Performance: End-user QoE by application: voice, video, unified communications (UC), specialized (medical, retail, financial)
  • Complements basic certification testing
  • Innovative “golden AP” streamlines testing against hundreds of WLAN scenarios

​Breakthrough field assessment

  • Eclipses site surveys to assess true readiness for mobility
  • Uses real and simulated clients to validate true network capacity
  • Generate maps of voice/video/data quality from real devices on deployed network
  • Quickly pinpoints issues to specific networks or devices
  • Lifecycle solution maintains satisfaction as networks and applications evolve

HetNet / carrier offload testing

  • Measure performance, client capacity, quality of end-user experience on operator networks