• Moovbox-M340

The Moovbox M340 is a solution that provides always-on connectivity to vehicles wherever there is mobile data coverage.

From the award-winning Moovbox Series Mobile Broadband Gateway range, the M340 is a quad-radio, ruggedised in-vehicle 3G/4G router that delivers Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPS over a range of carrier-class backhaul networks.

The backhaul-agnostic Moovbox M340 supports 4 easily upgradeable modems and 8 SIM cards. These modems and SIM cards can be configured in various modes, allowing cross-border seamless connectivity, or simply to increase bandwidth and mobile-operator choice.

The Moovbox range has a modular WAN approach providing an in-field upgrade path to future WAN technologies without the need to change the Moovbox hardware.

The commercial grade 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi access point is ideal for delivering Internet access to many passengers simultaneously as well as secure access for transport staff. A 3x switched/routed 10/100 Ethernet interface provides connectivity for peripheral equipment such as IP-CCTV, digital video recorders (DVR), ticketing, voice announcement and black-box systems. The Moovbox M340 also contains a storage expansion slot (compact flash) for storing the captive portal and local content.

The Moovbox supports secure VPN tunnelling to provide inbound access and control of downstream equipment. Drawing power from a vehicle’s electrical system, the bulkhead-mounted Moovbox range features industrial-grade external connectors for an in-vehicle Wi-Fi antenna and dash, window or roof mounting cellular & GPS antennas¹.

Multiple Moovbox gateways can be remotely monitored and configured with the MoovManage² web-based management system which also provides Wi-Fi user authentication, traffic shaping, user controls, content filtering and bandwidth statistics reporting. MoovManage also leverages the built-in GPS to provide remote device location, vehicle schedule adherence monitoring and cellular network quality.

Installed in thousands of passenger transport and public safety vehicles worldwide, the Moovbox provides the best vehicle connectivity wherever it is needed.

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