• Net Optics iBypass 40Gb

Net Optics iBypass 40Gb

Comprehensive network packet brokering for 40G networks, delivering filtering, aggregation, load-balancing, and time-stamping

Net Optics 40G iBypass is an intelligent bypass switch that provides protection on the full duplex traffic streams connected to the monitoring tools. The 40G iBypass augments network monitoring capability through the use of microsecond resolution heartbeat packets, SNMP Traps, field upgradable software, and an easy-to-use Web UI.

User Security and Flexibility

The 40G iBypass has many authentication security features that meet current compliance standards and requirements. Remote management security is ensured with Role Based User Access (RBAC), 1024bit SSL encryption (for HTTPS and SSHv2), an IP Access List, and SNMPv2c / SNMPv3. The 40G iBypass can be managed remotely via the Web UI, SNMP management platforms, and SSH or locally via the serial console. All network statistics and settings can be modified in any of the management mediums.

Centralized Management

The 40G iBypass is fully integrated with the Net Optics' Indigo Management Platform, a centralized management system for Net Optics solutions. Indigo's easy-to-use graphical user interface makes configuring and monitoring, of large deployments of, 40G iBypass simple, secure and easily manageable.

Network Intelligence

Each 40G iBypass comes with the Remote Monitoring (RMON) statistics and Pro Push capabilities, which provides the ability to push RMON traffic statistics to network management systems. This enables the 40G iBypass to provide greater visibility into the network while simplifying your deployment options.

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Net Optics iBypass 40Gb