• Net Optics Gig Zero Delay Tap

Net Optics Slim Tap

Passive fiber monitoring access for 100% visibility

The need to measure traffic loads on networks that carry VoIP, videoconferencing, and security applications is ever increasing. A reliable, high-performance network that utilizes passive in-line Taps is a fundamental asset in today’s leading organizations, increasing productivity while decreasing operational costs.

Non-Intrusive Threat Protection
Slim Tap’s all-optical design is optimized for high-performance fiber networks. The Tap is 100 percent passive and easily removable. When placed on network links, it requires no power and maintains permanent access ports without introducing a point of failure or disrupting other network connections. The absence of an IP address provides isolation from the network and eliminates the Slim Tap's exposure to attacks.

Total Monitoring Visibility
Monitoring devices connected to Slim Tap have total visibility—seeing all full duplex traffic as if it were in-line, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors. Slim Tap delivers simplified full-duplex monitoring 24/7 with custom monitoring cables, that sends each side of the monitor link to a separate NIC on the monitoring tool.

Doing Our Part
We are dedicated to ensuring user safety, and developing products that are environmentally focused. All of our Slim Taps adhere to UL and CE safety certifications and meet the RoHS and WEEE environmental certifications.

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Net Optics Slim Tap