NTO 2112/2113 Family

High-Density 1GE and 10GE Visibility and High-Performance Solution for Fiber Networks

Ixia’s new NTO 2112/2113 network monitoring switches raise the bar for new smaller- to medium-size deployments that want the same full feature set as larger network monitoring switches. The new Ixia NTO 2112/2113 family of products are built from the ground up to extend core enterprise class network monitoring features to smaller operations, branch offices and distributed deployments. The solution delivers the unique capabilities of the NTO monitoring switch at a cost-effective price. This full-featured platform uses a set of pre-configured monitoring switches that help customers control costs, protect their investments and provide flexibility to solve their business challenges. This product set provides a new level of scalability for small data center deployments.

The challenges associated with lack of visibility have traditionally been considered a large enterprise network problem. However, the vast growth of data that businesses of all sizes are facing means smaller companies now more than ever need visibility into their networks. IT teams use an array of tools to monitor networks and applications. Now, they need to provide enterprise-class visibility remote and distributed physical and virtual networks.

However, obtaining the complete data needed for in-depth, network-wide analysis is a growing challenge due to increasing network speeds, network complexity, and networks’ dynamic natures. Investment protection is always a key concern for IT managers. You want to seamlessly integrate new products into an existing solution by minimizing and/or eliminating new product training costs by using consistent, intuitive, and easily understood solutions.

  • NTO 2113 includes Advanced Packet Processing for packet de-duplication, extended burst protection, MPLS stripping, and packet / payload trimming (AFM2)
  • 2112/2113 models come preconfigured with all ports activated, making deployments quick and easy
  • 10GE and 1GE versions availablet
  • Cost-effective solution for small and/or remote locations
  • Simplified configuration and ordering make it easy for customers to buy and dealers to sell
  • The same NTO user interface and feature software give a consistent look and feel to customers, regardless of the product
  • The 2113 product includes two ports for packet de-duplication, packet trimming, MPLS stripping, GTP stripping, and extended burst protection
  • Only full-featured monitoring solution at this price point
  • Supports RESTful web-based API
  • Cost effective solution for small/remote locations
  • Simplified configuration and ordering makes the product easy to buy or sell
  • Real-time responsiveness with automation capabilities means faster time to repair.
  • Reduces the number of interconnect trunk links to an absolute minimum
  • Monitors multiple segments across the enterprise network
  • Deploys a centralized "farm" of cost effective, high-capacity security toolsto monitor physically distributed locations
  • Scales monitored segments and tools without increasing management overhead

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