NTO 5273

High-Performance Carrier-Class Networking Switch

ITelecommunication and cable service providers face many challenges in monitoring and managing today’s operational networks, as well as scaling to meet future needs. Ixia's Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) 5273 is a carrier class, high-availability network monitoring switch and certified NEBS Level 3 solution that helps providers achieve optimal network performance while meeting the increased bandwidth demands of growing mobile and video content.

The NTO 5273 aggregates data from multiple network access points, replicates, and filters network traffic securely and efficiently. It ensures the delivery of critical network traffic to essential monitoring tools for complete network visibility. By enhancing the power of the existing network monitoring tools, network performance improves, team productivity increases and potential risk of network outages decreases.

This proven solution provides complete network visibility, helping customers to optimize current resources and upgrade smoothly. The Ixia NTO 5273 incorporates:

  • Powerful management tools
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop control panel
The Ixia NTO 5273 features two module slots on the rear of the unit where up to four 10Gbps ports can be added that are available as expansion modules. The expansion modules are available to support CX4, XFP, and SFP+ interfaces. An optional remote power supply can serve as an additional redundant power source for the most rigorous high-availability configurations.

  • NEBS Level 3 Certified Product (without exceptions)
  • High-density solution – up to 16 40G ports or 64 10G ports
  • -48V DC or 12-240VAC power input
  • Front-to-back air flow
  • Local and remote alarm relay support
  • Redundant management ports
  • Craft interface for emergency out-of-band reset
  • Optional Advanced Packet Processing available for packet de-duplication, extended burst protection, MPLS stripping, and packet / payload trimming (AFM2)
  • 10MB to 10GE Ethernet support
  • Non-blocking architecture; 244Gbps total bandwidth
  • Full line rate across all ports with filtering enabled
  • Port reconfiguration with no performance impact

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NTO 5273

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