RackSim™ Virtualized Data Center Simulation

With the introduction of server virtualization and software defined networking (SDN), cloud service providers (CSPs) can now leverage even greater benefits from their data centers. Server virtualization technology allows dynamic provisioning of new resources on demand. During a disaster, it’s easier to move services with minimal impact on the end-user experience. Furthermore, SDN allows you to optimize resources by moving them from high-used clusters to under-used clusters. With the introduction of network virtualization, it’s easier for a data center operator to share services in a hybrid cloud environment.

It is becoming more essential to validate network performance in a lab environment, where one can easily test large-scale virtualized infrastructures. Data center integrators, NEMs, and operators also need an easier way to demonstrate and differentiate their solution from others to potential customers. One way to achieve this is to build real networks consisting of thousands of servers and millions of VMs. While this may seem like a viable choice, it may not be practical both in terms of CAPEX and/or OPEX.

Solution Highlights

Ixia RackSim is a "first-of-its-kind" test solution that emulates a virtualized data center environment with all of its complexities. The emulated hypervisors can be set up to host simulated virtual machines (VM) with all VM events, in addition to generating traffic from the simulated VM.

RackSim Solution

With RackSim, a user can verify the functionality of data center assets, test-drive massive configurations involving virtualized assets, and model a variety of environments. RackSim's functional testing scope spans the full virtual data center and cloud-based service delivery model, including:

  • Orchestration and management of SDN/NFV enabled networks
  • Large-scale cloud computing installations
  • Virtualized server hosts, with virtual machines
  • Disaster recovery scenarios
  • On-demand provisioning scenarios
  • Network virtualization models
  • Shared resources/services (federated cloud)
  • Application-specific traffic management/optimization

Solution Highlights

  • Graphical configuration and representation of the test topology
  • RackSim Topology

  • Emulate large number of virtualized server hosts running various hypervisor types such as ESX and KVM
  • Emulate large scale VMs and vSwitch
  • Emulates VM Manager to generate various VM events such as start, stop, deploy, destroy, and migrate
  • Perform various events on VMs such as Start, Stop, and Migrate from emulated VM Manager

  • VM Manager Commands

  • Easily migrate VM(s) with a single click from emulated VM Manage

  • VM Migration in Action

  • Real-time high-level summary of test topology state

  • Hypervisor and VM Statistics

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