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Real time Visibility and Monitoring of Market Data Feed Quality

The ability to rapidly detect degradation in the quality of data feeds is a major challenge to those who use or transport these vital, real-time market feeds. Market data transport technology is primarily based around the use of multicast, which does not have error correction mechanisms at the network layer. Any packets containing key trade data that have been lost cannot be detected until they are passed through a feed handler system at the end user site.

This causes a number of concerns, primarily:

  • Application teams may be aware of the problem, but the tools they use may not be available to the network operations teams who are responsible for diagnosing and resolving the issue..
  • Many feed handlers utilize feed arbitration (between A and B feeds) to auto correct message drops. Thus, application teams may not be aware of problems or quickly pass on details to their network operations teams.
  • Detecting a problem at the feed handler does not tell you where the problem occurred.

These issues can slow decision making and cause long fault repair times. Also, much technology used to monitor this infrastructure today is either not up to the task or involves expensive processes.

TradeView Solves These Challenges

Now, TradeView™ combines the most up-to-date ASIC and FPGA technologies to deliver high performance monitoring of market data feeds. It almost instantly detects multicast sequence gaps or micro burst and can provide such analysis simultaneously on up to 4 X 10 Gbps communication links or LAN segments— at a price point approximately half of alternative approaches. TradeView is one of a series of a series of Ixia products designed for the financial industry. TradeView offers:

  • 50% reduction in cost compared to traditional, server-based solutions
  • 4x10 Gbps input ports
  • 5x estimated improvement in speed to process transactions compared to other, server-based, monitoring tools
  • Average input to output port 650ns latency
  • High Performance. Uses advanced ASIC & FPGA technology for ultra high performance.
  • Integrated with Geneos Netprobe from ITRS. Delivers a simple consolidated view of multicast sequence gaps and micro burst events on any Geneos dashboard.
  • Smart Filtering. Reduces the time to set up monitoring and capture tools.
  • Super Reliability. Not dependent on error prone, expensive servers. Wide range of predefined market data feeds.
  • Channel Health . monitors channel performance and alerts to anomalies, simplifying feed troubleshooting
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